To succeed in Industry 4.0, you need a strong software integration services partner

We understand that you might have in-house mechatronics and systems integration capabilities. To succeed in the digitization, you need an agile software integration team, that brings the required skill-sets to the table in an on-demand and timely manner.
A software team that specializes in integration skills
  • in multiple programming languages
  • to work across multiple hardware platforms
  • to work across edge, fog and cloud architectures
A software team that understands domain specific use cases, processes and technologies
  • Automotive, F&B, Printing, Packaging, Process Industries
  • SMART Factory, SMART City, SMART Energy
  • to work across edge, fog and cloud architectures
A software team that has an in-depth understanding
  • Enterprise networking and IT technologies
  • Industrial networking and OT technologies
  • to work across edge, fog and cloud architectures
A software team that strikes a balance between
  • Inventing/adopting proprietary technologies and
  • Leveraging open source components



Quickly ramp up your team with latest technologies with our enabling services


Free up team’s bandwidth from legacy tasks with our augmentation services

Trusted Integration Partner enabling organizations in
their journey exploring new business models


Training & Consulting

Enable your team to come up to speed on IIoT & Industry 4.0 technologies by leveraging our training & consulting services.

Technology/Platform Evaluation

Map technology choices against your requirements, get whitepapers and comparison reports to make informed choices.

Obsolescence Management

Let your core team focus on the innovation needs of your company while we take care of these threats.

System Integration

Nobody understands full stack solutions the way we do in the IT/OT integration space. We can significantly lower your time to market curve through our services.

Verification & Validation

Lower your costs and free up your core teams from day to day verification and validation tasks.


Leverage our prototyping strengths, processes and checklists to quickly complete the requirements, design and test specifications and kick-off the project.


Need a quick and easy way to securely connect your machine to the cloud?

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Need a high performance OPC UA stack for integrating into your products?

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Need ready to use Real-time Ethernet solution on Intel/Altera and Xilinx platforms for your machines?

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Need to lower your IIoT lifecycle costs while customizing to your exact business needs?

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Need hard real-time performance together with the versatility of Linux in your products?

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Need processes and tools to rapidly develop and go-to-market with your products in the Industry 4.0 world?

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Talk to us, we can help define your business outcomes
and work with you to achieve them, one milestone at a time.